Start a Business in the District of Columbia

The decision to start a business is a significant one that is quickly followed by equally significant questions: What type of business? What business structure is advantageous to my venture? What makes a good business plan? Where will the financing come from? What licenses, permits and registrations are required by the District of Columbia government?

This online guide helps you "Take the Next Step" toward business ownership. It walks you through the process, from deciding your company's legal structure, to developing a business and marketing plan, to registering your business in the District of Columbia.

The list below will help navigate our guide. If you follow each step in order you will get a full introduction to starting a business in the District.

  1. Determine the Business Type
  2. Determine the Ownership Structure
  3. Develop a Business Plan
  4. Finance Your Business
  5. Obtain Federal Tax Identification Number
  6. Complete the Combined Business Tax Registration for DC
  7. Determine the Location of the Business
  8. Register the Business Trade Name(s)
  9. Basic Business License

Please review a detailed checklist to Start a Business

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