District of Columbia Small Business Development Center Counseling Philosophy

At DC SBDC, our primary aim is the fulfillment of the highest potential within each of our aspiring and established business clients.  Building a relationship is a process that depends on having a client and a counselor who are committed to using open  communication and trust. Sharing confidential information allows the counselor to understand the client and be present with  them by listening and challenging them to embrace new ways of thinking. This results in a collaborative dialogue that creates a  supportive, long lasting, and meaningful relationship - open to countless possibilities.

The DC SBDC experience is a systems-based approach to service delivery that ensures predictable results. Our client services  operation engages our clients and empowers them to thrive.

The strength of our organization lies in the collective support we provide through our vision and mission. Every employee is fully  aware of his or her function and supports the organization by inspiring a culture of collaboration, integrity and best practices of  small business development for the benefit of our clients, our hosts, our stakeholders and the DC SBDC.

At DC SBDC, our knowledgeable and passionate counselors interact with our clients in a way that builds trust, establishes the rules of the game and creates synergy to engage clients in a long-term commitment. We welcome our clients and understand the  courage, hard work and dedication required of the small business entrepreneur in the District of Columbia. We are dedicated to opening a world of possibilities by expanding business opportunities and improving quality of life.

A DC SBDC business counselor is a professional in small business development and management. Counselors assist businesses  from an innovative, service – oriented philosophy that is flexible yet focused on achieving a proactive plan that meets the client’s  business goals.

Through our counseling services, we teach our clients how to create successful employee relationships by seeking employees who  want more than a job. This kind of employee understands the big picture and is results oriented. Recognizing that the employees are a reflection of the business and ambassadors of the company, they are inspired and passionate about the company’s vision. In this kind of environment, the employee will have the benefit of professional development, growth opportunities and quality of life.

Through our counseling services, business owners will gain strategic insights that drive the development of short and long -term goals, building a sustainable business that has value and a competitive advantage. The result: a systems-oriented business that  allows owners the flexibility and freedom to pursue life goals.
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